Josh Frank

Josh Frank


Joshua Frank, SVP Misrahi Realty.

Joshua Frank is a lower east side native. A graduate of Hampshire College with a degree in fine arts and art history, Josh parlayed his love of art and culture into the nightclub business when he was twenty two years old. One of the pioneers of the lower east side, Josh managed and operated the nightclub Baby Jupiter on the corner of Orchard and Stanton in 1997 when there were only four other bars in the neighborhood. He has been intrinsically involved in the opening and operation of a dozen bars in and around NYC and continues to work as a consultant helping to raise the revenue of establishments all over the city.

Joshua became a real estate agent in 2003 and has worked under the Misrahi flag ever since. His first hand knowledge of the lower east side as well as his relationship with the players in the restaurant and nightlife industry have made him an integral part of the Misrahi commercial team. Josh is responsible for over 100 store rentals in the area including a dozen galleries and many of the big restaurants and bars such as "Sauce," "Inoteca," "Hair of the Dog," and countless others. His ability to understand both sides of a commercial transaction give him a unique ability to negotiate agreeable terms for everyone involved, and his relationship with the who's who list of restaurateurs, liquor attorneys, architects and local politicians make him a one stop shop for anyone opening a retail store or purchasing property in the neighborhood.

The assets that separate Josh from the rest of the pack are his encyclopedic knowledge of the neighborhood and his ability to see any deal to the finish line with no hassle or pressure. A long time student of martial arts, Josh's approach to real estate is unusually zen and laid back. He knows when to push on his clients behalf but also knows when to wait for the right timing. Whether you are looking to add another property to your portfolio or opening your 1st store, working with Josh will raise the bar.