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My experience with Misrahi Realty was extremely positive and successful- my review will be specific to Boris Ledvech who was an absolutely fantastic point of contact and an unbelievable support throughout the entire process.

I had been pulling out my hair for a few weeks trying to find an apartment in the city, made especially difficult by moving from Canada and being an out of country candidate. I had been hitting roadblocks and was becoming increasingly frustrated and pessimistic about my ability to both find a great apartment and get through all the hoops of approval.

Boris was immediate in his action plan to resolve my woes - within a day he had several apartments lined up and shared a confident, determined, and positive demeanor from the beginning that instilled a new encouragement and optimism in me. He was beyond professional and ensured that I had visibility to everything available in the market and the area I was looking for -- he shared all levels of apartments to expose me to choices even I had not considered previously but should be aware of. This made a huge difference as it widened the number of options I had and created new opportunities for me to find an apartment I could truly fall in love with. He made sure to understand my needs and budget and was not pushy whatsoever - he was always very up-front, honest, and transparent about the state of the apartment, the surrounding area, the feasibility of approval and the true costs associated. He has an uncanny knowledge and understanding of his area and the efficiency and efficacy with which he works is truly unbelievable -- from the moment I began working with him I was blown away at how focused, dedicated, professional and reliable he was.

He eventually ended up showing me an apartment I fell in love with and swiftly ensured my application was not only considered, but fought for me to be approved by defending my credentials and making sure the landlord understood who I was as a person and potential tenant, not just facts on a paper (ie. "out of country", "no american credit") -- within a day I had been approved and Boris made sure to handle all the paperwork and guide me along the signing process as this was all very new to me. He made sure I understood all the terms and even followed up afterwards to make sure I was settling in well and was enjoying the apartment!

I would HIGHLY recommend Boris and would encourage ANY person whether they are having trouble or not in looking for apartments or securing an apartment to reach out to him as he is not only a fantastic broker and agent, but an extremely personable and wonderful person all around. He turned the entire process around and made it fun and exciting -- and in the end successful! I can definitely say with 100% conviction that if you work with Boris you will be completely satisfied with a stress-free search that ends in you successfully securing an apartment you love :-)

April 2017 by Nadia H.(Yelp) , Manhattan

I stumbled upon a listing Oliver was managing in November. I had just moved to New York and was a bit nervous about being able to secure a place. It was my first time leasing something in NYC and I''d heard horror stories.

From the very beginning, Oliver made me feel very confident by letting me know that he was going to do his best to make sure I get the place. Oliver got started working on my application that night and things went very smoothly and quickly from there. He helped me in the process of getting my documentation together and convincing the landlord that I was a good candidate for the apartment.

Oh, did I mention that I didn''t pay a broker''s fee??

April 2017 by Siamak F. , Manhattan

I''m not a fan of the concept of broker''s fees in NYC. I think it should be regulated and policed, if not made illegal in some fashion for a myriad of reasons.

That said, in the chaos of NYC apartment hunting, Pawel Trocha of Misrahi Realty Co was awesome and would have merited any fee. He worked with me to find what I was looking for and even found me numerous apartments where the fee was paid by the property owner (as it should be, in my opinion) and not me. Ultimately I found something else on my own, but Pawel was helpful, honest and classy up until the end.

April 2017 by Arturo B.(Yelp) , Manhattan

Lorence at Misrahi is the best. He found me a STEAL of a proper one bedroom in Williamsburg! Old school price points! He''s a super chill dude/very good vibes. Go work with him, you won''t regret it.

April 2017 by Rachel W.(Yelp) , Brooklyn

I''ve dealt with many real estate brokers in the past, working with Raymond Gani was my best experience by far. While many brokers put pressure to get me to settle for less than what I was looking for, Raymond went out of his way to find me a place that made me happy. I wanted to be in downtown Manhattan and i wasn''t sure at first which neighborhood i wanted to live in. Raymond has extensive knowledge of downtown Manhattan and really helped me break down each area . We ended up going with the LES ( which is amazing!! ). Misrahi Realty has multiple buildings in the area and It was very convenient that they are close by to each other. Raymond showed me apartments in all price ranges within my budget. He explained to me all the pros and cons of each listing and was a HUGE help in making my decision.

Once i decided on an apartment, Raymond helped me gather all my paperwork. Approval was same day, which is great since you aren''t biting your nails waiting for an answer. We did the Lease signing a couple of days later and now i have moved in to my brand new apartment.

I highly recommend anyone looking for an apartment to go with Raymond Gani. He made my apartment search stress free and it was a joy to work with him.

April 2017 by Moshe S (Yelp , Manhattan

Joe Safdie was simply amazing. He was patient and kind during my apartment search and showed me a variety of lovely places in my budget over a two-month period. He was courteous, friendly, and totally transparent, and I did not have to sign anything to look at places with him, which was also a huge plus for me. I regret that I didn't end up renting a place through Joe, as I ended up in a different neighborhood. But if you are looking to live in LES or East Village, Joe should be the first person you call. He's an awesome person and a wonderful agent. I had an incredible experience working with him and I am sure you will too.

April 2017 by Eva A (Yelp) , Manhattan